Why do I have to write a cheque? It’s so old-school.

100 Women Who Care has zero budget for administration. The small costs associated with each meeting are covered by the steering committee members personally. We are not a charity, but rather a group that connects you to existing charities. Your donation goes directly to those charities, and they cash the cheques and issue the tax receipts.

Can I give cash instead?

Because we’re not a charity, we don’t have a bank account and we can’t handle any money. If we did, we’d need a charitable number and financial statements and auditors and tax returns and all that would eat into the amount that we raise. Instead, your cheque is written directly to the charity; we hand-deliver them to the charity in a big, wonderful bundle after each meeting.

Can I send you an email money transfer instead of writing a cheque?

Nope. That would be handling money!

Can I donate directly to the charity using my credit card?

No, but we have found a solution!  Unfortunately, this solution means that 3.5% of your donation will not go to the chosen charity (thus our preference for cheques) - but it is a solution.  At each meeting, we'll create a link to our new fundraising page at CanadaHelps.org - you can donate there with a credit card, the donations will go to our chosen charity - and we'll still be able to track how much we're raising.


Can I contribute to the costs of the meeting?

You already do! Most of our venues have minimum spend amounts, so you help every time you order a drink or have dinner in the restaurant before or after the meeting (please mention to your server that you’re part of our group).

You can also help by donating items for our door prizes – please write to torontoeast-100women@rogers.com - and thank you!